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This is a guaranteed recipe that will give you the authentic fall off the bone smoked ribs.  The secret to making awesome ribs is the prep and the cook time.  You need a good rub to let them get good and seasoned and of course preparing your smoker is key.  You have to cook them 3 hours minimum and 4 to 5 hours for the larger ribs (St Louis Cut).  You need to set up your smoker with what is called a 2 zone or indirect heat.  I have a large rectangular smoker where I heat the coals and put them on 1 side creating the heat and put my ribs on the other side in the indirect heat.  You want the temperature inside the smoker to be about 225 degrees.  The other key to a successful rack of ribs is using good hickory smoking chips.  You soak the chips in water and put them over the coals and smoke for only about 45 minutes total.  You don’t want to over smoke the ribs.  You just want to smoke them enought to get a good smoke ring on them.   Remember, the key to anything you cook on a smoker is low and slow.  Its very important to remove the membrane before preparing your ribs.  This is the thin skin on the back of the ribs.  If you don’t your seasonings will not soak into the ribs.

Rib Rub Ingredients:

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup paparika
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon onion powder
1 tablespoon ground cumin
1 tablespoon allspice
2 tablespoons black pepper
2 tablespoons cayenne pepper
Mix ingredients together and rub all over the ribs.  Wrap in tin foil or clear wrap and let sit over night in refrigerator.
Prepare your smoker so it is close to 225 degrees.  If using a gas grill only light the side burners and leave the middle for the ribs.  Place the ribs in the smoker and let them go low and slow.  The last hour you can start to glaze with your favorite barbecue sauce and add the wood chips.  My favorite is Stubbs Original.  Your ribs when done should have an internal temperature of about 165 degrees.  After your ribs are done you should remove and let them rest about 10 to 15 minutes before cutting them apart.  





I have spent hours researching different award winning chili recipes.  After trying many different versions I have come up with one that is simply the world’s best chili recipe period.  The best thing about chili is you can use any kind of meat, peppers, and spices that you want and you can make it as hot or sweet as you want.  I personally like a chili that is thick and meaty.  At chili cookoff competitions there are 2 categories, professional (no beans) and amateur (with beans).  I always make chili the professional style and if someone wants to add beans they can add them to their bowl.
1 large onion
1 green bell pepper
2 anaheim peppers
6 cherry peppers
4  jalapeno peppers
2 habanero peppers (if you want it hot)
4 cloves of garlic
1 medium chuck roast finely chopped (fat removed)
1 pound of lean ground beef or venison
1 pound of spicy chorizo sausage (casing removed)
5 slices of bacon
1/2 cup of chili powder
1/4   cup of ground cumin
2 tablespoons of paprika
2 tablespoons of oregano
2 tablespoons of salt
2 packets of splenda or sugar
1/4 cup of molassas
1/2 cup of coffee
2 (12 ounce) cans of tomato paste
1 (12 ounce) can of diced tomatoes
1 large bottle of guiness stout
1.  Cook bacon in frying pan until cooked.  Remove bacon and reserve fat.
2.  Chop onions and peppers and heat in large pot over medium heat in some bacon fat.  Cook until peppers and onion are softened.  Add the meats and cook until browned.  Stir in chopped tomatoes,  garlic, and tomato paste.  Season with chili powder, cumin, paprika, oregano, salt and sugar.  Add the bottle of beer.
3.  Bring to boil over high heat.  Add coffee and molassas and simmer for one hour. 
4.  Crush bacon and add before serving.
*  If you like your chili hot hot hot, you can add cayenne pepper to this recipe .  I purchased ground ghost chili on which heats it up big time !!!
Serve with shredded cheese, beans (if desired) sour creme, or chopped red onions.   If you want to turn it into chili mac, serve over spaghetti noodles.











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I find myself always looking up recipes when trying to figure out what to cook my family for dinner.  Over the years I have studied many different recipes for certain kinds of foods and have taken things from several recipes to create my own versions.   After years of cooking as a hobby I am creating a collection of recipes that I have conquered and feel they are the world’s best.  From meat to seafood, vegetables,  soups and many other delishious creations, I am going to share my recipes with the world.   I also have family recipes that have been our family for generations that I am going to share also.  Please feel free to share your opinions and ideas because one thing that makes cooking so great is there is never a right or wrong way to cook something.  Cheers !!