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We have a family tradition on Friday nights.  At the Benda residence it’s known as Friday Wing Night.  I have fixed my way of making wings for many people and everyone that has had them say they are the best they have ever had.  Funny thing about it is the way I cook wings is so simple.  The secret to great wings is making them crispy and use an outstanding sauce.  You can use any sauce you like but the favorite in our house is Nancy’s Hot Sauce.  Places like BuffaloWild Wings don’t bread their wings which I think sets my wings apart from theirs.  I simply flour them before frying.  The only thing missing is a tall cold glass of cold beer to go with them.


Chicken wings separated.
All purpose flour
peanut oil
Wing Sauce
Separate wings with sharp knife at the joint.  Put flour in a mixing bowl or in a large freezer bag.  Coat wings in flour.  Fill large skillet  about half way to the top with peanut oil.  Heat until oil is hot and put wings into pan.  Cook until golden brown.  Remove from pan, put wings in mixing bowl.  Put desired amount of sauce over the wings and mix evenly.  Take wings from mixing bowl to serving plate.  Serve with ranch or blue cheese dressing, and celery.    All you need now is a nice cold beer to wash them down, CHEERS !!!

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