Mad Mark’s New Chili Creation


There is nothing like getting the creative juices flowing on a Saturday afternoon in February and create a new chili recipe.  Like always when making chili the measurements are mainly approximate.  Always make the portions of spices to your liking.

2 lb ground beef
1 lb ground turkey
2 lb ground chorizo sausage
8 jalapenos chopped
2 large chili peppers chopped
1 medium onion chopped
1 40 oz bottle of cheap beer ( I used old english)
1 28 oz can crush tomatoes
2 12 oz cans tomato paste
1 12 oz bottle chili sauce
8 tbs chili powder (anotherwards lots of it)
4 tbs ground cumin
4 tbs red paprika
2 tbs garlic powder
2 tbs onion powder
4 tbs cilantro
4 tbs kosher salt
1 small pinch of ground ghost chili (optional)
Like with chili, measurements are approximate.  Serve with grated cheddar cheese, sour creme, and chopped onions if you want.  CHEERS !!!!!

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