Steamed Maryland Blue Crabs

IMG_1003Living in Maryland it is a staple in our diet to eat things made from a blue crab.  Crab Cakes, Crab Soup, Crab Dip are some examples.  However there is nothing like the ultimate feast, a pot of steamed blue crabs.  It’s  covering a table with newspaper, getting out the wooden hammers, the smell and most importantly the gathering of friends and family sitting around and picking crabs.   Have some fresh corn on the cob, some fresh veggies and of course the beer and life is good.  There are 2 ways that are different that I have seen in many places that serve crabs in Maryland.  Steamed with the seasoning  putting the seasoning on after they are cooked.  In my opinion there is no comparison, ALWAYS COOK THEM WITH THE SEASONING !!  There are also a few different seasonings out there but I say there is only one to use on crabs and that is OLD BAY !!!   The cooking instructions are the same whether cooking a dozen or a bushel.  You will need the proper equipment which is a large pot with a liner inside such as a turkey fryer.  I purchased an actual large pot for cooking crabs.  Here is the proper way to cook Maryland Blue Crabs:

Live blue crabs in any quantity
2 cups vinegar
1 can of beer
water, enough to bring the level where it is just below the bottom of the liner
old bay seasoning
Bring the liquid to a boil, using large tongs add the crabs to the pot a few at a time.  Be very careful because they will get you.   Sprinkle the old bay over the crabs and continue to add the crabs and old bay.  Cover and let cook in the pot for approximately 7 minutes.  Turn off the heating element, keep the lid on and let the crabs sit in the steam for approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  This step will allow the crabs to not be watery.  Remove the crabs by taking the liner out of the pot.  Serve on layers of newspaper and don’t forget the beer, CHEERS !!!!!
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