Herb Crusted Roast Leg Of Lamb

IMG_1164Lamb is a tradition in our family at Easter but it is a great meat to make anytime of year.  There are two types of leg of lamb,  boneless and bone in.  Without a doubt I prefer the bone in.  For this particular dish you must use fresh herbs for it to be right.  It is not difficult to prepare and puts a smile on everyone’s face.

1 5 to 7 pound leg of lamb bone in
1/2 cup fresh thyme finely chopped.
1/2 cup fresh rosemary finely chopped
4 tbs olive oil
4 cloves fresh garlic minced
Shake salt and pepper thoroughly over the enitre lamb.  In a food processor put the rosemary, thyme and garlic.  Start to blend together slowly adding olive oil until it forms a paste.  Remove from processor and rub all over the lamb.  Wrap in foil and let it set over night in the refrigerator.  You can cook in the oven or your smoker, either way get the temperature to 275 degrees and place in oven or smoker.  Allow approximately 4 hours until inside temperature is approximately 150 degrees for medium, 170 for well done.   Remove and let rest for approximately 15 minutes.  Serve with mint jelly on the side,  CHEERS !!!

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