Mark’s Bangin Cajun Wings

IMG_1292Ok wing lovers, here is a different way to fix wings with lots of spice, pop and sizzle.  These wings are different and I can guarantee that nobody will turn these down.

Prepare The Rub:
1 tbs paprika
2 tbs kosher salt
1 tbs baking powder
1 tbs cayenne pepper
1/2 tbs oregano
1/2 tbs ground thyme
1/2 tbs ground cumin
1/2 tbs garlic powder
1/2 tbs onion powder
Cut wings in half and place in a large freezer bag.  Add the rub, mix well in the bag until the wings are evenly coated.  Place in refrigerator and let sit for at least 2 hours. 
The Sauce:
1/2 cup hot sauce
1/2 cup melted butter
In large skillet, add some peanut oil and once it’s hot enough add the wings.  Fry the wings until golden brown.   Remove wings into a large mixing bowl.  Add the sauce and mix into the wings.  Garnish with some chopped scallions.  These wings are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.  All you will need is a ice cold beer to wash these down with, CHEERS !!!

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