Maryland Crab Cakes My New Version

IMG_1311I wanted to try to fix Maryland Crab Cakes a little different and they turned out amazing.  Like always the secret to a great crab cake is the quality of crab meat you use.  Never make a crab cake with crab meat that is pasteurized and from a foreign country.  If it isn’t crab meat from the USA it’s not quality crab meat.  Here is my recipe this time:

1 lb of crab meat USA Only
12 saltine crackers crushed
2 tbs pimentos finely chopped
2 eggs, whites only
2 tbs mayonnaise
2 tbs old bay
2 tsbs parsley flakes
1 tbs worchestershire sauce
1 tbs spicy brown mustard
In mixing bowl combine all above ingredients.  Shape into cakes.  Place under broiler until golden brown.  You will have to take out from under broiler and brown both sides.  Serve seperately or on a roll with lettuce and tomato.  CHEERS !!!

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