Pork And Sauerkraut Soup

20151027_165551Since I know my family heritage goes back to Czechoslovakia and Germany I have a love for German and Eastern European food.  This is a very simple dish to prepare and it is so amazing especially on a cold day.  Like most recipes the measurements do not have to be exact.  You can load this soup up any way you like.  I do recommend on loading up on the veggies.


4 Country Ribs
3 German Sausages (Brats) Cut Into Small Pieces
1 Large Onion Chopped
3 Carrots Chopped
3 Stalks Of Celery Chopped
32 Oz Of Sauerkraut
2 Medium Potatoes
4 Tsb Salt
4 Tsb Pepper
1 Tsb Parsley
1 Tsb Ground Thyme


In large soup pot take the ribs and fill pot up until ribs are covered in water and 
boil the heck out of them, approximately 2 hours.  After the ribs are tender,
remove and let cool.  Once they are cool pull all the meat off of them and put meat 
back into the pot.  Add all the remaining ingredients and bring back to a boil.  
Once the veggies are close to being soft (approximately 10 minutes) bring to a
simmer and allow to simmer for approximately 30 minutes.  You now have a bowl of
German/Eastern European Love.  Cheers !!!

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