peoples-choice-trophyThis is the 3rd year I have participated in Chilly Chili Fest in Waynesboro PA.  I won it the first year and 3rd last year.  This year I decided to go crazy and make a chili that is totally off the wall.  My thought was to have a chili that is great but different.  So I created what I call 5 meat chili because it has 5 different meats.  I am not going to put measurements in the recipe because like I have always said chili needs to be tweeked to your taste and liking.  I am going to give you all the ingredients but you will have to use them to your liking.  I will give the approximate amount of meats which is 1 large pot of chili.  When you do chili competitions the one thing which is talked about is whether you use beans or not.  In my opinion if you don’t put beans in your chili it’s not chili ….. Its a hot dog topping.

2 pounds of 85/15 ground beef
1 pound of 93/7 extra lean ground beef
4 thin pork chips fat trimmed off completely nobody wants a bite of freaking fat
1 package of beef smokies
10 strips of bacon
approximately 2 pounds of boneless leg of lamb
You need to cook the lamb prior to making the chili

Remaining ingredients:

1 package of assorted sweet peppers
1 large sweet onion
brown sugar
better than bouillon approximately 4 table soons (this stuff gives you the sodium and beef flavor)
garlic powder
onion powder
chili powder
cayenne pepper for heat
crushed tomatoes
diced tomatoes
tomato paste
red beans
black beans
beef broth
chicken broth

Prep The Meat:

Cut the pork chops into small little pieces
quarter the smokies length wise
Cut the pre-cooked lamb into small pieces

Preparing The Chili, you need a big pot and a large frying pan

1.  Fry the bacon and put your 85/15 ground beef in the pot and start cooking the beef
2.  When bacon is done set aside and keep the fat, now cook the onions and peppers in the pan
3.  When beef is done strain all the fat out.
4.  When the vegetables are soft dump them in the pot.
5.  Cook the smokies and pork in pan, when done dump in pot
6.  Put the pre-cooked lamb in pan for just about a minute and dump in pot
7.  Cook the 93/7 ground beef in pan when done strain and dump in pot
8.  Add the cans of tomato products, broth and beans
9.  Add the spices and use portions to tweek it to your liking. 
10. Chop bacon into bacon bits and make it the last thing you put in the pot

Bring chili to a boil and immediately change to low heat. Great chili is simmered at a very low boil. 
My tip I want to share with you is what is called the 8 bubble boil.  You should look while it is simmering
for 8 bubbles.  This chili to get happy and great should 8 bubble boil for approximately 4 hours.