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IMG_0544  This is the ultimate party cuisine that I make for special occasions.,  In this picture is our son Alex who I made this for his 21st birthday.  You need a big seafood cooker which I do on a propane burner.  Its without a doubt a big hit.

Old Bay Seasoning
Red Potatoes
Spicy Sausage
Whole Cloves of Garlic
Corn On The Cob
Alaska King Crab Legs
In Pot put about 6 inches of water and bring to boil.  Add garlic and seasoning.  Put potatoes and corn and let cook for about 5 minutes.  Add sausage and let cook for about 2 more minutes.  Add crab legs and sausage, let cook for about 7 minutes until the clams look like they are about to start to open.  Add shrimp and put old bay over them.  Let the entire pot cook for about 3 minutes.  Turn off the flame and let it sit in the steam for about 5 minutes.  It’s now time to take the pot of love and dump on a table lined with paper.  CHEERS !!!!